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27 November 2010 @ 11:44 pm
Banking Experiences Turned Weird  
ATMs really piss me off right now.

I just had the weirdest and most frustrating experience with an ATM machine. I was about to withdraw some money for a project. Everything went smoothly: I pushed my pin correctly this time, I didn't panic with the buttons, I got my card back...

...and then the cash got jammed.

If I had my way, I would have pulled the bill out, but really, I would need to pay for it if it ripped, so I just left it hanging like that. People, being the nosy little critters they are, then flocked around me, asking about what had happened...

...and the paper bill was still stuck there, mocking me like a half-naked Draco Malfoy that I couldn't get my hands on.

A saleslady, two security guards and a cut phone call later, I lost my load and my patience. I asked for the nearest bank branch and the guard enthusiastically (really, I felt he was happy that I wouldn't reach for the bill and pull it like a maniac) outside the store. I marched out and went inside the bank, hoping that they would let me get through this particular shit.

It was a good thing the teller was kind enough to let me use their phone.

And then he answered. SUCH. A. GORGEOUS. VOICE--

Okay, I'm side-tracking.

Well, I just called them, they told me to call after five banking days and to never lose the reference number. I called my mom, told her what happened and decided to go home. Money really makes my head hurt. LITERALLY.

Right now, I applaud the lucky bastard who got the money--whether it be torn into half or shreds or, to my frustration, be whole.


I still think it's that security guard.

Oh well.

At least I'll get to hear that gorgeous voice after a week. Hoho.
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