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22 November 2010 @ 07:20 pm
I just couldn't fathom why but the series gets better and better as it progresses. This week's episode was a mind-blowing one and I'm just as giddy as any other Fringe fan out there for the next episode.

I just want to blatantly scream at the alternate-Olivia for being so flirty, or wring Walternate's head for being so saggy and evil. It feels exhilirating how the turn of events have blatantly been awesome and how the series had remained unpredictable, spontaneous and so freaking GOOD after all this time.

Here I thought that Olivia was finally returning home. But, yeah...shit happens.

This time, shit comes in the form of one Walternate.

Really, John Noble can turn me upside down regarding his roles. I hated him as Denethor in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, loved him as Walter and now, once again, despised him as Walternate. Anna Torv deserved the same credit: she potentially lets me want to strangle alternate-Olivia but love Olivia...such a confusing thought.

Right now, I'm anticipating the next episode. The fact that Broyles now finds Olivia a better agent than alternate-Olivia and that Peter would now suspect alternate-Olivia was just too much. The last episode provided new openings to the development of the series, making the storyline more complicated yet entertaining at the same time.

In short, Fringe rocks.

Just a few more days to go and I'll be seeing this great action again! :D
14 November 2010 @ 09:21 pm
I just had another Inception-like dream last night. One of those dreams wherein I retell a dream I have dreamt within that dream...get it? It really bugged me right after because I hardly remembered the details (even after I rambled about the inner dream in my dream). All I remember was that I dreamt and woke up, was with people I don't remember, and telling them about my inner dream.

It was weird. I even thought the moment I woke up if I have dreamt of my inner dream before and my mind was just using it to stimulate my dream.

Okay. This sounds confusing now. Haha.

It's a dream within a dream, per se. And being my usual blabbermouthed self, I told my inner dream to anyone who was there. But now, I hardly remember the details.

It sucks, really. And when I try to remember, nothing pops into my head. I'll only frustrate myself if I continued.

The same happened for my dream last Thursday. It wasn't Inception-like...but it was cut off. I dreamt of something...and then in the middle of it, another dream replaced it completely!

When I woke up, I just sat at the edge of my bed in a daze. It was that crazy.

I'm not a person who remembers things, anyway, so I just brush off some dreams. Other nights, I dream but then I feel like I didn't the moment I wake up. But there were times when the dream remained vivid and I can still even remember the colors of the clothes or the signs that I saw.

But most of the time, my dreams are hazy. This one, in particular, is really crazy. To think that I talk about something that I haven't experienced in the first place was really creepy...and the fact that I dreamt inside a dream...

I better stop blabbing too much. My dream self's catching up with my antics.

06 November 2010 @ 09:38 am
I just watched Stardust (2007) again. Gerard and I saw it being played while we were on the bus going to Laguna and I had been very eager to watch the movie again. Now that I have done it, my mind simply couldn't resist with making a fairy tale of my own.

Of course, the ideas that coursed through my head are those of enchanted fairy tales that I have read or heard about during the past years. I have developed a certain plotline regarding another Inheritance Fairy Tale, wherein the King was dying, the Prince was too stupid to do the task the King asked him to do, and a laddie was tasked to do it for his Majesty.

Seeing that I love dark fairy tales, I think this one's going to turn that way, as well. I'm not yet sure when I'll start writing it, but I've prepared an outline in case I forgot about the story altogether. Although the main story has been finished, I'm still debating upon myself whether or not I'm going to put some romance in it. After all, most fairy tales contained one or two romantic scenes and I would most likely be putting that part, as well.

Here's an overview of the characters I've been planning to incorporate with my story:

Gustav - a young stable boy working for the King of Buhramar. He was ordered by the Prince to retrieve the Golden Rose in his stead, saying that he would pay him a dozen silver and gold pieces once he had accomplished the job.

Prince Kash of Buhramar - the only son and successor of the King of Buhramar. He never set a foot out of the castle in his whole life and was afraid of doing so just to seek the Golden Rose at the far end of their kingdom.

King Fardur of Buhramar - the ruler of Buhramar. On his death bed, he asked his son to retrieve the Golden Rose, an enchanted flower that grows in the crater of Mt. Kahn. It was said that the one who could retrieve the said rose should be the rightful ruler of Buhramar.

The Cunning Crow - the Guardian of the Golden Stone. He met with Gustav at the Black Market and offered him a trade between his heart and the Golden Stone, a trinket he needs in order to let the Giants of Haldin let him continue with his quest.

Gregor the Giant - the Guardian of the Golden Knife. He took the Golden Stone and welcomed Gustav into his mansion, all the while planning to tear his soul out of his body by feeding him food with the Soul Extraction Draught.

Lucia - the Guardian of the Golden Rose. She is a girl chained to the mountain and will only be freed once the rightful heir to the throne of Buhramar shall pluck the Golden Rose without prickling himself with its sharp thorns.

That sums it up. Some parts are still blurry, though. Like how Gustav would make it until the end. But once I've started writing this, I hope I would be able to create a fantastic fairy tale that I could share with kids and adults alike.
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03 November 2010 @ 11:06 pm
She was wary of the people, the glances they threw at her; before she thought they were of fascination, now she knew they were of envy.

She whimpered and pulled her hair away, afraid of the claws that once brought her to the brink of death.

She was thin, very thin, never eating anything.

She shattered them all and cried amongst the shards, not bothering to hear the wails that echoed throughout the castle halls.

The child frightened her--for it was too beautiful and she might turn like her stepmother.

There was no such thing, she muttered to herself the moment he died, no such thing.

She wasn't afraid to fall into the waters, she had died three times... this should be fairly easy.

After everything, Snow White was never the same.
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03 November 2010 @ 09:27 pm
It feels weird whenever one person decides to leave you, with no written explanation left behind. You then feel grief, sadness and depression; dampening the atmosphere with your misty eyes and sordid face. After that, comes the anger: the irrational anger that even you couldn't tame, couldn't explain.

It's always been a cycle, of sorts. A human's emotions are that easy to read once they let their guards down, succumbing to the inner turmoil of their hearts.

I felt that, once or twice. And I know that I would feel that again, when time permits it.

I miss you, ate Pamela. Even if we shared memories close to none, or that the last time I saw you was ten years ago, it still pains me that you're gone.

I miss you, Edmar's parents. Even if I never knew you and only saw your pale faces, it still stings to know that you've left a son who's destined for greatness.

I miss you, Allison and Pamela (Africa). Even if we only threw tentative smiles and hesitant hellos, it still pains me to know that you died so young, so fresh... and so sudden.

I just felt nostalgic after the first of November hype. I remember the faces of the people that left during the past years and how greatly they have affected me, even if we weren't those whom one can stake as friends or family.

But it was crippling. So crippling....

May your souls rest in peace.
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20 October 2010 @ 05:09 pm
I just realized that Hibari Kyoya looked (and acted) like Kuchiki Byakuya. It must have been that resemblance that got me intrigued in Hibari's character in the first place.

Hibari Kyoya

Kuchiki Byakuya
I may not be an avid Bleach fan, but I do love Byakuya. The resemblance is too great to pass up notice. Maybe, that is the reason behind my sudden interest in Hibari, instead of Yamamoto or Gokudera (as such most girls found them the endearing guardians).

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20 October 2010 @ 04:44 pm
I'm glad to have started reading katekyo Hitman Reborn. It was, after all, a fairly young series and I could still see that it's not that much explored upon by fanfiction writers. Actually, ever since I began reading the manga a few days ago, many ideas kept on plopping on my head...twisting the plot and all that for my sick pleasure of pairing up characters because they look good together.

As usual, my stories are all in my other account, inkstainedblade. I have started going Het mainstream, pairing up Gokudera and Haru. But right now, my eyes are set on Hibari Kyoya and his tonfas--and using those tonfas in ways other than fighting.

It was funny, actually, how I've loved the Miura Haru's character and, just like Hermione Granger, I let her engage with the men of KHR. My One Note actually now has three unpublished KHR stories, two 5986 and one 1886. After that, I have more plots regarding 1886 which I would love to write about.

Considering that KHR is a young series, it's practically easy to play with its characters and plot, making up more side stories. Actually, I'm still in the Daily Life Arc but I can say that I find it very easy to manipulate, thus, resulting for me to be sidetracked with writing one-shots.

Currently, I have the outlines for some Harry Potter fics, as well as KHR. I'm not sure myself if I could finish all before the second semester starts but I'm bent on doing it. Once again, I have felt the need to expound a fandom and add more stories into it...and the feeling's very invigorating.

So now, I shall type more words and create more plots. I'm totally in the zone right now.
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17 October 2010 @ 06:28 pm
I got a 2.00 in L. Arch, just saw the grade in CRS. Clearly, it wasn't that disappointing, after all, I passed and it's not a goddamn THREE, or worse, FIVE. I have given up the prospect of living up to the expectations of my parents in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I love them to hell and I do value their opinions, but really, grades? Tch. That's within my personal space and I'm the only one who messes up with those little buggers.

Simply put, I have started to think of school stuff as a struggle of my own. I've warded myself off from nagging parents and their disappointed looks after I told them that I've received a grade lower than 1.75--but hey, I'm studying in the country's most prestigious state university! You can't go off saying that I should be the smartest of the bunch, or be the pet of all teachers...life doesn't go that way. High school may, but, college is a different world...of sorts.

I'm more than thankful for that 2...really, I am. I didn't expect that I would be Miss Little Perfect with all the thin unos lined up on my class card--I'm not Hermione freaking Granger. If there were people who are academically great, then, great! I salute them, after all, I am inclined academically, as well. But really, grades don't mean anything...they're just the justification that we have learned things from the subject matter. My Philo 11 professor told me once: "It doesn't matter if you get a five or a three, all that matters is that you are good in your chosen field...and you know it."

I may not like the old cooper, but hey, he makes sense. 

I'm just thankful that my old folks aren't that cruel regarding me having twos and threes. They had their own fair share and they know how difficult it is to be in UP, Diliman, no less. They knew that if I promised them that I would be a laude, it would be the same as me flying with chicken wings. It's not right...and I know they know that, too.

For those parents who expect too much for their sons or daughters, think about the side of your children. I just feel sympathy for those kids who were on the receiving end of tantamount pressure and then verbal abuse once they couldn't seem to attain the goal that their parents had set for them to begin with. It hurts, but we take it all in, for we know that you have your reasons as to why you pushed us this hard. But still, it isn't right.

Children are not tools for redemption or for attaining your washed-up dreams. So please, let us direct ourselves to the path that we like, grades and all. Of course, you should be there to encourage, to let us strive for more, to let us feel good about ourselves once we achieved things others couldn't.

I told my mom about my 2.00 in L. Arch and she smiled. She never asked, never prodded and told me that I did great for my first semester. Right then, I felt her contentment and erased my own: for I began to set my goals again. With my mom's understanding smile, I began to shift through my gears and create a resolve to do much better than I did on this semester. To be better, to be one of the best.

Because, you see, if my mom had, even for a fleeting moment, decided to show disappointment, I would be angry, disheartened and depressed. Thoughts of doing better would not be in my head because I would always see that disappointed look on my mom's face and think that everything I do would lead to that, even if I get a perfect score in an exam.

I got a 2.00 and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get something lower than that in my other subjects. But now I've reprogrammed myself and I'm ready. I'm ready to become the competitive bitch that I was in high school, frolicking around UP had been enough as it is. I shall start becoming GC and I shall start caring about the path I have chosen and fought for (my father resented my course and oh-so-subtly says random stuff about women not being architects blah blah blah) because this is what I want. I shall prove to others that their sexist thoughts mean nothing for they know nothing and as long as I believe in myself, I can do things not most men can do.

Truth is, I'm just angry. The grades? Psssh. That's nothing, I know I could do better than that. The real problem is that my father was one who degrades me and my choices, albeit unintentionally. I love him, yes, I do--but his comments are better left in his bearded mouth. That is why I strengthen my resolve about things, because he always finds a way in order to tell me that I am wrong...and that my choices about my life are wrong.

It's unfair...but I'm making the most out of it. He's my father, after all, and I think his thoughts would have some semblance of decency within them. It's a father thing, anyway.

Maybe, that was the reason why I pursued Architecture, to annoy him. And I shall pursue it until the end just to annoy him further. I just love to prove people wrong and my eyes are dead set on my father. I shall finish with great grades (not counting those I shall receive for this semester), graduate without delay, pass the board exam, love my job and be GOOD IN IT. Because my father thinks otherwise, and I'm hell-bent on proving him wrong.
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15 October 2010 @ 03:23 am
I wanna do what my userpic does but my body doesn't comply with what I want.

I really find myself in an odd predicament. Truth is, it is already three in the morning right now and still, sleep doesn't come to me at all. Clearly, I have been in bed all day, lying around lazily with The Gardens of Kyoto keeping me occupied but not  a yawn had left my lips.

Sad to say, I am becoming nocturnal.

It's just so odd that sleep evaded me right when the semester ended, all the while I hungered for sleep during school. Architecture really scrapes off my youth for, what, a year or two? and apparently sleep is a craving I had for four months. And now that I have an extensive hold on it, it just wouldn't ENTER MY FREAKING SYSTEM.

My body's working oddly. Shall I consider this a bad sign?

People say that if a person saw another yawning, their body would follow the gesture and soon feel their drooping eyelids. I had been staring at my userpic for a few minutes now, and still, nothing happens.

Maybe it really does only work within the same species. That, or I really am becoming a nocturnal.

I have tried counting in my head, picturing a multitude copies of my dog as she bounced atop my head or bit my toes. I couldn't picture a sheep, after all, I haven't seen one in my entire life. My dog had been a welcoming, however annoying, presence in my life and for some time, I thought that thinking about her fuzzy little self would bring me into dreamland.

I'm really not surprised that it didn't work, though. After all, the little minx is the one who wakes me up every single day.

I've tried, really, but my trials ended up with me watching Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, writing a note in Facebook, chatting with my fellow arkimate who, as it seemed, can't sleep either and eventually, writing this entry and staring at my userpic. Again.

Well, even if I couldn't get a wink out of the life of me, I would still love to relish this sembreak for what it's worth. After all, hell begins again after a month and I'm not entering UP without the much needed rest an Arki student needs and that preparedness for my next bout of majors (I'm having four next semester). For even if my userpic feels sleepy and I'm not, I might as well relish the other things, aside from sleep, that I would eventually miss out on the next months.

The semester is over, anyway. Sembreak is about relaxing, and I'm well-bent on doing that, thank you very much.


I just tried yawning, only to hurt my jaw. Really, these retainers are killing me.

This will be a long break. A long one, yet never uneventful.
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14 October 2010 @ 12:52 am
I have never felt so...happy as I have now. The fact that the distinct smell of Laguna permeates in the air I breathe and the familiar floor of our house touches my bare feet just make me giddy from head to toe. I have anticipated for this day to arrive for months now, and now that my sembreak has come, I shall relish it fully.

I had bought several books during my stay in UP Diliman, consequently making me feel poverty during this month (I regret it just a teeny bit, but I'm over that once I saw my books). I had purchased the thirteen books of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Children of Hurin, The Gardens of Kyoto, The Lord of the Flies, The Time Traveler's Wife and some more books that caught the attention of the child in me. For that, I am currently broke and has no means of leaving my house, or better yet, hanging out with my friends.

But still, I would have wanted to indulge myself with those books, burying my nose deep into the pages and inhaling every word--yes, I'm a sodding bookworm. But really, I would rather read or write stories than do the things in my userpic right now. I've had too much of architectural overload after a semester and I'm planning to completely shut the world down and just be a hermit until November 9th.

Until then, I shall stay within the confines of my makeshift heaven before I go back down to hell after a month's time.

And truthfully speaking, I have NEVER craved for Christmas like this before. Apparently, semester breaks are far better than the week-long breaks for Christmas and New Year's. Oh well, they are breaks and breaks are plateless days and plateless days are HEAVEN.

Freedom is sweet, indeed.
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