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Loud Silence

Musings Through Ink

10 December
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I'm someone who indulges oneself to writing every time I felt like it. I constantly write random stories or make up my own little fantasies in ways more than one. I abhor butterflies (it's a childhood nightmare~you don't wanna know about it). I watch TV series that randomly catch my attention. I write for the sole purpose of letting go, especially now that I'm about to enter another chapter of my life. I play video games and eat--most of the time. I love sleeping and doing nensensical things with anything that I lay my hands on. I love books with catchy summaries and most probably read through them for a whole day if the flow of story is really good. I devote myself to fanfiction, and maybe, in the near future, have my very own stories to boot. Last, I feel disdain towards research projects.

Thanks to street_of_mercy for the wonderful journal style, world_icons for the dazzling animated fringe mood theme and glassheartangel for the walter icons! :)